Posting the photo below the other day made me nostalgic for my trip to Malibu in April with one of my best friends. We only had a short amount of time there before having to drive in all of the crazy rush hour traffic back to LAX.

Our Uber driver was going way over the speed limit and was driving in side lanes to pass the hundreds of stopped cars in rush hour (now that I think about it- it may have been one of the scariest car rides of my life) The Uber driver and I also kept arguing about which way to go, because our map apps were telling us different things about which way was faster, kind of comical when I look back on it now. My mantra- always go with Google Maps.

But somehow we made it to the airport and even had time to breathe before we hopped on the plane back to Dallas.

Photograph at Pepperdine University

We actually decided to visit Pepperdine on their graduation day, which is even more comical, because it made traffic that much worse.

Anyways, If you haven't been to Malibu, you need to go. Despite the traffic, and the air of pretentiousness that inhabits parts of LA and wealthy coastal areas, it is just plain gorgeous. And Pepperdine is worth going to, I mean it is the TCU of California, just next to a beach. The beachside views from campus are nothing short of phenomenal.

Where else can you stop if you are quickly sampling Malibu life? Well where else but Soho house? And if you are not a member, the next best thing- Nobu.

Who can go to Malibu without going to Nobu? It would be a crime. There are even famous rap song lyrics that say, "I'm eating crab out in Malibu at Nobu." I mean, come on, you have to go to Nobu, in Malibu, and eat some crab. And that is exactly what we did.

Appetizer and cocktail at Nobu Malibu

Make sure to call for reservations a few days before, a week if you want to be safe. This is probably one of the most, if not most, popular places to eat in Malibu. Also, make sure to ask for a seat on the patio, that way you will be looking right into the gorgeous Malibu ocean while you eat your seafood. Yachts will even pull up to the restaurant occasionally, so that is fun as well. Great people watching. I would recommend going right before the sunset so you can watch the sun go down over this beautiful place.

In short- If you think Malibu sounds over-rated it's not. Do yourself a service and take a vacation here, or at least stop by. You will be doing yourself a favor my friends. Oh, and order a drink for me while looking over the balcony and watching the sun fall into the deep blue waves. That Uber ride to the airport later will be fine- You will make it


View of the Coast from Pepperdine University