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Why I think it is important to Blush, Especially at Work

The first Blush purchase I made was a few years back at Tory Burch. I was walking through their boutique in Highland Park Village, and the bag above caught my eye. It was one of those things that I saw and just knew I had to have, the color was just amazing and something I had not seen in fashion before.

Pictured Above:

Tory Burch York Buckle Tote in Light Oak

Sam Edelman Ballet Flats in Pearl Pink Suede

Since then, blush has taken off in the fashion world, and everyone seems to have a piece of baby-pink in their closet. But I think this color is so much more than just a trend.

Blush is the essence of femininity, it is a color that all of us, as little girls, had in our room or on or around our nursery at one point in time. It brings us, as women, back to a sweet time in life. And then, the color is so extremely versatile, and strikingly professional at the same time-Pair blush with any piece of black or navy clothing, or vice-versa, a dark accessory with blush clothing, and you will look so professional, fashionable, and feminine all at the same time.

I have to admit, blush is probably one of my favorite shades because I do like to wear a lot of black or navy in professional settings. Darker colors exude professionalism, and look extremely polished. Darker colors exude power and confidence at work. Blush offsets this serious vibe, in a feminine, playful, and pretty way- while still appearing professional and polished at the same time. What other shade can you say that about?

Blush is the automatic go-to add on to dark clothing for work, and just wearing this shade makes you feel pretty and whimsical. It is a smart way of saying, I can be pretty and professional all at the same time, and that is an important and empowering message for all of us as women.

Happy working! And don't forget to blush once in a while